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June 2012
Oreobambo’s Blue Eyes Moon, The King of Piano Recordings 
(translated from Chinese)


What does the name Oreobambo mean? It is a species of giant bamboo found in the tropical regions, but here it is used as a pseudonym by the Italian artist Michele Tucci. His photographs always have a profound meaning; his musical compositions for piano give one the sensation that every hammer stroke touches a remote corner of pain at the bottom of the heart. The recordings he produces deserve to be crowned as the best of all piano recordings.

It’s really a pity that I only recently got to know this person, his photographs and recordings, otherwise I would have definitely told you loudly, “Come on!” Let Oreobambo’s piano music cure those pains that have become rooted deeply inside your heart, which one doesn’t want to recall or expose to the light of the sun.

In everybody’s life, no matter whether you are female or male, young or old, childish or mature, you will always experience pain. Maybe it’s the pain that comes from irreparable love wounds when you were young, or the pain of losing your loved ones as an adult, or the regrets of old age in the twilight of your life. Even though there are no medicines to heal these kinds of wounds, in time they will form scars. This process can sometimes take a very long time:  five, ten, sometimes even fifty or one hundred years. When you are suffering from those pains, is there any way to alleviate them? Well, at certain times some music can draw your attention away from pain and make you feel better, and Oreobambo’s piano music is definitely the best remedy you can get. While listening to his music, the pain at the bottom of your heart will slowly flow away like a gentle stream thus avoiding an uncontrollable overflowing of emotions.

 Oreobambo’s recording is excellent, it really deserves the title, ‘King of Piano Recordings’. If you really want to appreciate the sound of Blue Eyes Moon, it is better to prepare yourself with big floor standing loudspeakers, or a subwoofer system, or simply four speakers: only then will you be able to fully experience the beauty of this album. Do you think I’m exaggerating? Not at all! The acoustic range of the piano, except for the organ, is not comparable with any other musical instrument. If the 88-key standard piano with its lowest key can reach 27.5 Hz, and the 97-key concert piano is even capable of reaching 16 Hz, how can a normal amplifier reproduce a similar low frequency?

 You don’t think that the quality of the Blue Eyes Moon recording is exquisite? You don’t think the sound of the lower keys is shocking? Are you hearing muddied lower tones and you don’t have the sensation of palpitations produced by the clear vibration of the strings? If this is the case, then you have found the reason to replace your stereo!

Where can you buy Blue Eyes Moon? Call the distributor Sound Ray. When he discovered those sounds at the high-end audio fair in Munich he enjoyed them and imported them, as if he had tasted and imported a good wine. Importing music is a new business for him, but good music, good recordings and good wine can all heal and stop the pain, and this is a good thing too. This is not Oreobambo’s only piano recording, but begin with Blue Eyes Moon!


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