Energy Journeys

Music Composed by Oreobambo

For Three Concert Grand Pianos,
Orchestra, Tromba Marina and Aeolian Harp

Infinita Conscia Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Oreobambo

Aeolian Harp, played by the wind, recorded outdoor in the Aeolian Islands

EM Productions 2007

Total Length 2:26:19


The Journey of the Procaryote Colony
Diving into the Organic
Synergy of Passion
The Great Forests of the Paleozoic
The Parasaurolophus Walkeri is in Love
The Glimmering of Evolution Becomes Aware of Itself

Journeying on the Edge of the Trombe Marine
He Was the God of the Winds
Longing for your Breath
Volcanoes and Islands
Trombe Marine

Journey to Perseus A, Perseus Galaxy Cluster
Surfing the Blackness
Perseus Galaxy Cluster Says Thank You
Jumping into the Giant B Flat Black Hole

Copyright ©2007 Oreobambo

Recording Energy Journeys


Energy Journeys, Volcanoes and Islands

You are listening to the sound of a wooden Aeolian Harp played by the wind. Built by the American lute maker Maestro Robert Corrigan and recorded outdoor by Oreobambo, on the volcanoes of the Aeolian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy.

Copyright ©2007 Oreobambo
All Rights Reserved.

ColourfulTone®Mastering 2007

Licence SIAE n. 2869 /I/ 2806

EM Productions 2007

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"I find it hard to express the joy and pride I feel in the knowledge that I had some small part in the creation of this wonderful composition of beautifully ethereal music. My most heartfelt congratulations go out to Oreobambo and all the other talented musicians who put this wonderful composition together."

Robert Corrigan
Master Aeolian Harp Maker
East-Woods Products
Edgewood, New Mexico, USA

Livenza River Springs. Photograph Copyright ©2007 Oreobambo

Production Notes

This work, presented in a three CD boxed-set, is a sonorous journey from the origin of organic life on Earth to the singularity inside a black hole.

CD 1 - The Journey of the Procaryote Colony
CD 2 - Journeying on the Edge of the Trombe Marine (waterspouts, tornadoes)
CD 3 - Journey to Perseus A. Perseus Galaxy Cluster

Organological presentation of some of the musical instruments used by the author on Energy Journeys

CD 1 - Track 4: The Parasaurolophus Walkeri is in Love
The Parasaurolophus Walkeri was a herbivore dinosaur more than ten meters tall, with a crest containing a metre long resonating chamber. It was possibly the first musical instrument in the organic world.
Scientific research has recreated the original sound so that, in our opinion, it was likely to have been very similar to the sound emitted by a tromba marina, a one or two-stringed musical instrument, nowadays no longer in use.
The track is a tromba marina solo performed by Oreobambo.
This instrument refers to the type of trompette marine organisèe, whose development took place in France in the 1700s. It was so called due to the fact that it was equipped with sympathetic resonant strings fixed inside the sounding board. This one-stringed tromba marina has been specially built by the Spanish lute maker Maestro Marino Gutierrez García to Oreobambo’s specifications. The spruce of Val di Fiemme was used at the front of the instrument for the creation of the sound board. It also houses an incredible 48 sympathetic strings and is more than two metres tall.

CD 2 - Track 3: Volcanoes and Islands
In this composition you can listen to the sound of the Aeolian Harp, an instrument played by the wind, appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages (archbishop Dunstan of Canterbury, 10th century) and known in the Renaissance (Giovanni Battista della Porta, 1535-1615). It was built in its modern form in the middle of 1600s (Athanasius Kircher, 1602-1680), but it was used and appreciated mostly in the Romantic period for its mysterious, ultraterious, ethereal, heavenly sounds.
The harp was built by the American lute maker Maestro Robert Corrigan. This evocative track was recorded on the volcanoes of the Aeolian Islands, homeland of Eolo, the God of the Winds.

CD 2 – Track 4: Trombe Marine
Representing these natural events, and for the first time ever, three Fazioli 308 Grand Pianos are played and recorded together. The live recording took place at Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile. 

CD 3 – Track 3: Jumping into the Giant B Flat Black Hole
The Infinita Conscia Symphony Orchestra performs a composition that represents the black hole located at the centre of Perseus A galaxy, part of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster. This black hole emits a continuous frequency in the key of B flat which is so strong that reaches us on Earth, 250 million light years away. This sound is usually outside our threshold of perception because it is in a very low register – 57 octaves below middle C on the piano keyboard. Yet it pervades us all.
You can listen to hints of the little tromba marina, an instrument that completely disappeared except for a depiction of it in a painting by Hans Memling in 1480. From this representation of musical iconography, Maestro Marco Salerno was able to recreate the two-stringed tromba marina piccola used in this recording.
The sound of the drones of the Great Highland Bagpipe, masterfully built by Maestro Tim Gellaitry using the mammoth ivory for the mounts, brings the whole work to a close.

Hans Memling
Angel Musicians, 1480
Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerpen
The little Tromba Marina is played by the second Angel from the left

During the mastering an analogous process designed by Oreobambo, ColourfulTone® Mastering, was used for the first time. Thanks to this the sound has acquired a particular and unique, bright, vital and tri-dimensional quality.

ColourfulTone®Mastering 2007

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