Transparent Universes


...Had a quiet moment and finally listened to the new album.
It was so breathtakingly beautiful I still find it difficult to describe in words. The strangest combination of the ultimate in class with such subtleties and detail of sound with my headphones. It was very unreal. Truly on another level, even for me who can probably just appreciate a portion of it. Thank you.
from Munich

Just wanted to say what wonderful and powerful music this is. I love every minute. It is truly music from the dark sea – fabulous – thank you so much Maestro! Great Production Assistants too! Thank you Margaret! Truly a delight – Many hugs from Colorado!!

The Composer, from the staccato notes of the beginning, offers up to the audience mysterious and enigmatic questions; then, little by little, the music becomes maestoso and leads us by the hand on a long journey: from the Norwegian fjords through the Grand Canyon towards Zen meditation.
Never-before heard transparent sonorities and the continuous use of the sustain pedal of the piano take us beyond academic dogma. There is a touch of minimalism but it is never repetitive; the music recounts fantastic tales and brings to the surface intimate memories.
Pianist Margaret Penn juggles masterfully the three diverse sister keyboards. In the foreground we have the awesome, splendid Fazioli, while the harpsichord detaches itself completely from the Baroque sonorities to become an instrument of unexpected contemporaneity, flowing into the sound of the Rhodes piano which recalls the magic of the Celesta.
Nino Bianchi

...the titles are very abstract. You have to have the "root of knowledge" to understand their meaning. And the music? You can enjoy it without that understanding, the only thing to fear is that the stereo in your house might not be able to reproduce the ultra-low frequencies of the Fazioli satisfactorily.
Audio Art
August 2016

This morning the new album arrived. It's fantastic! Thrilling, very intense, I'm in an harmonious mood while the CD is playing, even now.
I wish to thank you from my heart for this work, from the moment I first listened to it I loved the track "Observing the Sound of the World": it centers me and blows me away to another world. Amazing!

Love your new cd! ...from the single resonate echoing tones at the beginning -- pure genius -- to the longer deeper mood pieces near the end..
Thanks so much for creating this work of art!
Renata Murez

Just finished listening to the CD. There's some interesting stuff going on there and the recording quality is superb.
The arrangements are simple yet have a lot of depth to them - very easy on the ear.
Phil Taylor
Effectrode Audiophile Pedals

The album sounds amazing, it is very relaxing and serene.
Can you please tell me how you used our Ancient Kauri for the recording?
Alan Perkinson
Ancient Kauri Kingdom, Ltd

I've been listening to your album as much as I can to remind myself what music is really about.
Thank you Oreobambo, for your beautiful, colourful dreams!
Françoise Cooper
Analog Cabin, Wrigthwood, CA

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