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August 2016/November 2016
Oreobambo Transparent Universes: The Return of the Super Piano
translated from Chinese)

Do you remember when I reviewed Blue Eyes Moon and Spinning Around Our Star? These two piano recordings are truly extraordinary. The CDs, like the official web site, are presented in a minimalist way, through these two sources it is difficult to grasp further information. We only know that Michele Tucci is an Italian composer who goes by the name Oreobambo, he is versatile, not just as a composer, but he is also a wonderful photographer and recording producer. He has established EM Productions to publish albums, and ColourfulTone Recording & Mastering for the recording.
In this digital age, where recordings are in the digital realm only to be pressed onto vinyl at the last stage, here they have taken the opposite approach.
They first record on one inch tape, at 30ips speed, on the ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder  and then convert the recording to digital on the Weiss ADC2 in 24/192 format before transferring to CD. But why have they not released their work on vinyl? If they did for sure their LPs would be a beautiful test for the cartridge  and the arm of the turntable!

 Also in this case the music, as with all the CDs of Oreobambo that I have listened to, is performed on the piano Fazioli F308 (308 cm long) by Margaret Penn. In previous CDs, besides this piano, which is capable of emitting a range of ultra-low frequencies, there is the harpsichord. In this new CD, Transparent Universes, there is also the electric piano Rhodes Mark 7 which is able to create three-dimensional sound effects that oscillate from right to left.
This CD contains four songs: with the exception of the third piece, which lasts just over six minutes, all the other songs last more than 10 minutes.
The songs are all written by Oreobambo and the titles are very abstract. You have to have the "root of knowledge" to understand their meaning. And the music? You can enjoy it without that understanding, the only thing to fear is that the stereo in your house might not be able to reproduce the ultra-low frequencies of the Fazioli satisfactorily. The low notes of the piano on this CD are very difficult to reproduce, not only for the depth of the low frequencies, but also for the startling authority and the clarity of the sound. If the bass is muddy, or if it is unable to reproduce the extent of the low frequencies, then the sound system is at fault.
If the stereo and the amplifier are not powerful enough, they will not be able to support the precise and clear sound of the high tones and the impressive bass. So, only a powerful system can bring out its strength and charm. If you are using a bookshelf stereo system, then you'll have to use your imagination to figure out this CD.
How is the music? For me it is beautiful, it speaks to my heart. How's the sound? It is very beautiful, it speaks to my rational side.

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